Saturday, October 14, 2006

I Keee You!! A Collection of Overheards

Edited by Benn Ray
Cover Illustration by Brian Ralph

A collection of overheard snippets of conversations illustrated by many of the finest indie comics illustrators.

What have we overheard in the bathroom? On the street? In bars? In our own homes? In stores? At restaurants? As people talk into their cell phones, to their friends and, in some cases to no one at all. Have we overheard you? Could be.

Illustrations by:
Allison Cole
Andrew Goldfarb
Androo Robinson
Anne Thalheimer
Barry Rodges
Ben Claassen III
Bernie McGovern
Brian Ralph
Bruce Orr
Carrie McNinch
Cole Johnson
Delaine Derry Green
Diana Tamblyn
Emily Flake
Grant Reynolds
Greg The Zine Librarian
Hawk Krall
Jamie Dee Galey
Jeff Plotkin
Jeffrey Brown
Jen Michaelis
Jim Siergey
Joe Decie
Joe Tallarico
Joel Orff
Joshua W. Cotter
Kelly Froh
Lee Cooper
Mark Burrier
Martin Cendreda
Matt Fagan
Max Hallinan
Michael S. Bracco
Mike Weibel
Missy Kulik
Nell Taylor
Nick Bertozzi
Patrick Tianen
Peter S. Conrad
Rich Howell
Ryan Claytor
Sarah Becan
Suzanne Baumann
Tim Winkelman
Tom Chalkley
Tom Williams